We Would like to Tailor your Arizona quail hunting experience . When booking an Arizona Quail Hunt We Would like to spend the time to understand the Guests needs and Desires as to location as well as species of interest (i.e. The guest might prefer a Mearns’ Hunt). There are several factors to consider when planning hunts including Season, numbers as well as Physical abilities. Please contact us directly to discuss your needs!

What’s Included?

  • 6-8 hour day, including transportation to and from the fields
  • A picnic lunch
  • Soda/Lemonade/Gatorade
  • Our pack of Pointers
  • Of course, your experienced Arizona born and raised guide

What to Bring?

  • Shotgun & Shot (varies by species)
  • Hunting vest* – Great for carrying shells and water. Orange is perfect
  • Good, broken in hiking boots and comfortable socks
  • Hunting Pants – Thick canvas (think Carhartts) is preferable because cactus might be encountered
  • Hunting Shirt – Lightweight and breathable
  • Hunting Hat – Orange seems to be a theme here
  • Rain Gear | Layers – Weather can be unpredictable so the best protection against this would be to wear layers including long underwear, vests, t-shirts.
  • Other: Shooting gloves/glasses, beanie, earmuffs or buff

*Need a Q5 Vest? Look here

Terrain and Physical Requirements

Topography in Arizona varies immensely by region and quail hunting is an innately physical activity. Guests need to be prepared to hike from 2-5 miles per day in rugged, rocky terrain. Depending on the hunting area, elevations can vary from 2000 to 5000 feet above sea level. Physical conditioning before the hunt will enhance your enjoyment of the day.


The hunting season can see significant swings in temperatures and weather patterns. Due to Arizona’s fickle nature it can be difficult to predict too far in advance and may vary significantly based on the hunting location. You might be hunting in snow one day and find it to be 75 degrees the next. Please contact us directly for more specific information.

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